Eco-Friendly  Green  Nature
Tour  Of  Hawaii  Parks

Tour Description

Enjoy our signature green and eco-friendly tour through the parks of Oahu, Hawaii with our knowledgeable guide Mitch. Learn more about the plant life and animals native to the islands and get a chance to sample some of the wild fruit. Our guide has previously worked with the Hawaii Rainforest Organization, a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of the environment on the island of Oahu. To satiate the historian in each of us, Mitch will explain how the Hawaiian people made rope and shelter and how they used plants for food and medicine.

Optional Transportation

Hiking Oahu offers the ecologically and socially conscious option of responsible travel to all of our natural areas and trailheads. Our bio-diesel adventure tour bus comfortably allows our tour takers to avoid parking fees and congestion as well as rental car break-ins. Onboard fun includes a pre-tour briefing with post-tour follow-up for the fullest enjoyment of your eco-experience. Convenient Waikiki pick-up and drop-off for only $39!

  • 1 mile tour
  • 3 hours round-trip
  • Easy difficulty
  • Very little incline
  • Guided Tour: FREE
  • Bring drinking water and a light snack
  • Waikiki pick-up: 7am
  • Waikiki return: 11am