About  Mitch:
The  Man,  The Myth,  The  Legend

The Chronicles Of Mitch

Mitch Berger is the founder of Hiking Oahu Hawaii.com and has over 27 years of tour experience throughout the islands of Hawaii. Mitch is widely considered to be Hawaii's premier guide due to the years he has spent training in the unique arts of Hawaiian survival and sustenance.

Mitch was born and raised in the great outdoors of the Midwest and spent his early years hiking, fishing, canoeing and hunting for sustenance. Even then Mitch was ecologically conscious and always strove to learn new ways to live on the planet in harmony with the environment.

Mitch began to show an unusual level of interest in survival training at an early age. At five, he started sleeping on the floor instead of his bed. At eight, he routinely slept in a tent in the backyard with his dog no matter how cold the weather was. Mitch sought out survival experts and asked them to share their knowledge and train him.

Mitch went on his first survival experience when he was only eleven years old. Mitch convinced his survival teachers that he had taken their lessons to heart and to leave him the woods for ten days with nothing but a single match and the clothes on his back.

As a teenager, Mitch involved himself as a volunteer teaching cultural eco-sustenance philosophies as a way to minimize human impact on the planet.

At age seventeen, Mitch wanted to further his goals of environmental and cultural understanding so he bought an on/off road motorcycle and journeyed across the North American continent to explore National Parks while sustenance hiking.

By the time he was twenty-two, Mitch was seeking the perfect model to study the connection between flora, fauna and ancient cultures so he decided to live in the endangered species capital of the world and make his home on the most isolated islands on the planet: Hawaii.

While exploring the most remote environmental areas of all the Hawaiian Islands, Mitch sailed to the North Shore of the island of Molokai, swam ashore with nothing but a knife, and lived off the land for an entire month in the Wailau Valley. While a far cry from his first survival experience when he was eleven, this endurance test led Mitch to believe that he was prepared to undertake further study of the Hawaiian culture.

Returning from his sustenance experience to the island of Oahu, Mitch sought out the most experienced native Hawaiian outdoor survival and natural medicinal experts in Hawaii and asked them to share their knowledge and train him. They agreed but asked one thing in return from Mitch: that he share what he had been taught with others so that they might better understand and help preserve the natural areas and native culture of Hawaii.

Remaining true to his word to share his experience and knowledge with others, Mitch started a successful adventure tour company on Oahu in the mid-80's which quickly grew to 18 vans with over 60 employees. The rapid growth and commercial success of his own company caused several other commercial hiking companies to spring up around him where there hadn't been any. Mitch recognized the commercial 'greenwashing' that was going on for tourists at these other hiking companies throughout Hawaii. Mitch came to the realization that he could better fulfill his commitment to the understanding and preservation of Hawaii with a different approach.

Mitch closed down his adventure tour company and in 1994 established a non-profit organization known as the Hawaii Rainforest Foundation. The Hawaii Rainforest Foundation allowed Mitch to increase environmental awareness and create volunteer opportunities to promote conservation of Hawaii's fragile natural areas.

Today, when Mitch is not serving as a private tour guide in the most pristine natural areas throughout the islands, he continues to fulfill his promise to his native Hawaiian teachers through Hiking Oahu Hawaii.com. Hiking Oahu Hawaii.com allows Mitch to share the true spirit of Hawaiian Aloha with visitors from around the world by offering responsible tours and by using nature's chalk board as a model to teach 'preservation through education.'